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Immune Strength Mix

Immune Strength Mix

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Suitable for - Hamsters, Gerbils.

Simply sprinkle this delightful mix around their enclosure and delight in watching your little ones exhibit their natural foraging behaviors. This blend not only nurtures their health but also enriches their daily activities. Let them explore, forage, and thrive.

Crafted with love, this blend is designed to fortify animals immune system!


Store in a dry, dark, clean, well-ventilated area at room temperature. (Store in a glass jar, air-tight container, well-sealed bag, etc.)


1. Amaranth Seeds
2. Bronze Sorghum Seeds
3. Black Sorghum Seeds
4. Flax Boll
5. Marigold Flowers
6. Hibiscus Flowers
7. Rose Flowers
8. Cornflowers
9. Blue Mallow Flowers

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