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Puffo Bites

Puffo Bites

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Suitable for - Hamsters, Gerbils, Degus, Mice, Rats.

Meet Puffo Bites, the ultimate snack that's both scrumptious and healthy for your small pet! Imagine the crunch of puffed millet teaming up with the carob.

It's not just tasty; it's also a nutritional powerhouse. The millet supports a shiny coat and smooth digestion, while carob ramps up the antioxidant action. It's the treat your pet will love and you'll feel good about.

Keep in mind ,,Puffo Bites Mix'' should only be offered as treats, not as a primary food source to small animals.


Store in a dry, clean, well-ventilated area at room temperature. Store in moisture-free glass jars, enclosed metal containers, well-sealed bags, etc.

Our Puffo Bites does not require freezing prior to feeding your small animals. It is procured from a facility that adheres to human-grade production standards, guaranteeing its utmost safety and premium quality. Kindly serve directly as provided.


Organic Puffed Millet, Dried Carob Pieces.

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